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A new series on BBC Radio 4 explored the history of delusions and includes interviews with two Institute of Mental Health research advisors who have experienced extreme delusions in their lives.

Recovering from mental health problems was a life-changing process for Debbie. Over the past 20 years her confidence and self-esteem have increased, making positive changes to her mental health. Debbie attributes the changes in her life to her decision to become a volunteer helping with clinical research studies within the Institute of Mental Health and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Debbie was interviewed by Clinical psychologist Professor Daniel Freeman about a period of extreme delusions that she experienced at the end of 1999. The interview was part of a new series that explored delusions, through both historic and contemporary case studies, in order to better understand this common but too-often unexplored human experience. Njoki shared her experience of a very modern-day themed delusion - she believed she was part of a reality TV show.

Debbie's story with Professor Freeman was broadcast on December 11th at 1.45pm. Njoki's story was broadcast on December 10th at 1.45pm.

For more information about the series and to listen again visit the BBC Radio 4 website.