Having someone you care about admitted to a secure hospital can be a traumatic experience that leaves carers with a range of emotions. A recent project supported by The University of Nottingham’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute of Mental Health has produced a new guide to give carers additional support and information to help them navigate the processes and terminology involved.

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Professor Birgit Völlm (Forensic Psychiatry, University of Nottingham) and Dr Martin Clarke (Research Fellow, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) conducted extensive consultation with carers and partner organisations to gather the right information for the new guide. One of the carers involved in the research project praised the information it now allowed them to access:

"This must be the most comprehensive and easiest to understand information I have yet read - thank you!

“The booklet sets out clearly and concisely the relevant and necessary information required for carers to learn about and understand the structure and running of the service, from initial admission through to recovery and discharge aims.

“It is attractive and well-written with well-defined sections covering all aspects of the service, including the law regarding patients in forensic care, the many personnel involved in that care, the jargon used, help and support for carers and pointers to further information. I highly recommend this booklet."

The guide is being promoted to carers and families throughout the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and is available to download below:

Secure hospital care: Information for carers booklet