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The Centre for Organizational Health and Development was recently invited to deliver a stakeholder workshop as part of the Midlands Engine initiative in their recent conference (“ ‘Unlocking the Midlands’ productivity: aligning Mental Health, Skills and Innovation”, held at Loughborough University. This workshop was organised and delivered by Centre members: Dr Juliet Hassard (Assistant Professor of Occupational Health Psychology) and Vlad Dediu (Doctoral Researcher). The focus of the workshop was to explore: "How to promote wellbeing and foster innovation in the workplace?"

This workshop presented and discussed the Centre’s research examining the social (Leka and Jain, 2010) and economic (Hassard et al., 2018; Hassard et al., 2018; Hassard et al., in review) impact of work and organisational factors in relation to employee wellbeing and workplace innovation (Dediu, Leka and Jain, 2018). The workshop utilised a discursive platform to draw on the knowledge, views and experience of participating experts and stakeholders.

The workshop was attended by over 30 key stakeholders representing various key domains: policy, industry, regional development, and higher education. The workshop’s reflective discussions primarily focused on: (i) critically examining the unique challenges and opportunities to promote employee wellbeing and workplace innovation at the regional level, with a concentrated focus on the Midlands; and (ii) considered meaningful approaches to promote employee wellbeing, foster workplace innovation and cultivate sustainable productivity at enterprise and regional levels.