Ontario Shores team visit the Institute of Mental Health

The Institute of Mental Health recently hosted two visitors from Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences in Ontario, Canada.

Simone Arbours (Research Scientist) and Shawn Carter (Practice Lead) spent time with the Recovery Research Team, as part of an ongoing collaboration. They will be contributing to the NEON study of online recovery stories researchintorecovery.com/neon, to the CHIME-A international consortium led by the University of Nottingham to investigate recovery in younger people, and will be partners in organising a Refocus on Recovery conference in Canada.

Mike Slade, Professor of Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion at the Institute of Mental Health commented on the visit:

“It was a real pleasure to host a visit from such engaged and expert colleagues, and to learn about what recovery-oriented services look like in Canada.”

Shawn and Simone spoke enthusiastically about their visit:

"It was so valuable to meet with Mike Slade, Stef Rennick-Egglestone and their research team. We were able to see first-hand, the innovative and transformational work conducted at the Institute of Mental Health. The NEON project team is a hub of passionate, energetic and ground-breaking researchers that will, no doubt, make a significant impact for those experiencing mental health challenges in the UK and around the globe. We are so grateful to learn from this exceptional team of researchers and will benefit greatly from our ongoing relationship with Mike Slade and his team at the Institute of Mental Health. Thank you for so graciously hosting us.”