Young and old hands holding

The Institute of Mental Health is very proud to be at the forefront of improving the lives of people with dementia and their families through innovations in care and technology.


In years to come we hope to have a cure for dementia, and certainly we should know much more about how to reduce the risk, or delay the onset.

However as the aging population increases in the UK and across the world, there is a vital need to support more research into how to improve the lives of people with dementia sooner, rather than later. Because of the stigma attached to dementia and the impact on people’s lives, it is so important to help sustain people’s sense of independence, and this includes being able to participate in a range of activities. So activities such as dementia friendly swimming sessions must be welcomed. The Institute is also contributing to the improvment of technology for dementia care through the EU funded INDUCT programme of 15 PhD students across Europe.


Martin Orrell

Director of the Institute of Mental Health and Head of Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology (University of Nottingham)