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The research team

The research team is multidisciplinary, with a range of relevant clinical, academic and educational expertise. This includes clinical experience in medical, nursing, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy fields, and research expertise in conversation analysis, education, trials and qualitative methods.

  • The Trent Simulation Centre: will offer educational expertise, including specialist actors who will contribute to the design and implementation of the training
  • Professor Rowan Harwood, Consultant Geriatrician and Professor of Geriatric Medicine at Nottingham University Hospitals: Chief investigator and project lead
  • Sarah Goldberg, Academic Nurse in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham - Study project manager
  • Rebecca Allwood and Becca O’Brien, Speech and Language Therapists - Doing the filming and designing the training course. They have both been seconded from their usual clinical roles to be clinical researchers in this research project, carrying out much of the day to day work of the project.
  • Professor Justine Schneider, Professor of Mental Health and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham - Providing expertise into the training course
  • Dr Louise Thomson, Academic Occupational Therapist at the University of Nottingham and Head of Research Support and Evaluation at the Institute -Leading the qualitative analysis of the training course.
  • Ruth Parry, Academic Physiotherapist and Sociologist from the University of Nottingham and Suzanne Beeke, Academic Speech and Language Therapist from University College London - Expert conversation analysts working on the project
  • Kate Sartain, PPI co-ordinator - Monitoring and advising on patient and public involvement throughout the project

The project management team also includes public representation from carers with lived experience of caring for family members with dementia. The team regularly engages with several patient and public involvement groups, via the University and Institute of Mental Health.