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Learning Disability Secure Care Network


Dr Abdul Shaikh (Consultant Psychiatrist in Learning Disabilities)

Clinical Lead

Dr Abdul Shaikh

Start and end dates

October 2015 - September 2018


  • To identify gaps in research and clinical practice in community to meet needs of people with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism with offending history.
  • To develop a network of clinicians regionally (East Midlands) and nationally who work with offenders with ID and Autism in community or are involved in development of services from them in the community. This would enable clinician to share good practices and to learn from each other experiences.
  • To learn from knowledge and experiences of community services for offenders with ID and Autism in other regions of UK.To adapt the Forensic Quality Network (Royal College of Psychiatrists) standards for Community Forensic Mental Health Services to meet needs of people with intellectual disability and autism and offending history in the community. This would help in development of appropriate new services, improving quality of existing services and would also provide a framework to monitor quality of such services

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