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Aims and Objectives


AQUEDUCT aims to improve effectively the quality of care for people with dementia experiencing a crisis, and achieve a mbetter experience for people with dementia and their carers.

To increase the confidence and skills of staff, family carers, and people with dementia to cope better with crises at home on a daily basis.

To develop a model setting standards of care quality for people living with dementia.


  1. To determine best practice in Dementia Crisis Teams (DCTs) using the following evidence: a national scoping exercise to investigate the range and characteristics of practice for teams managing crises in people with dementia; a review of the evidence; the perspectives and experiences of service users, carers, the voluntary sector, professionals, and experts; a synthesis of these sources of evidence using a consensus process.
  2. To formulate an evidence-based conceptual model and recommendations for achieving best practice in DCT organisations and operation to guide research and practice, and to develop and validate a Fidelity Scale to assess to what extent his has been achieved.
  3. To develop a Resource Kit (comprising the Home Treatment Protocol, the best practice recommendations for DCT organisation, Implementation Measure) for achieving high quality and effective care.
  4. To conduct a feasibility study of the Resource Kit in relation to methodology, patient and care outcomes and costs.
  5. To conduct a cluster randomised controlled clinical trial (with internal pilot) of DCTs to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of the Resource Kit in comparison with usual care for people with dementia in reducing admissions, improving quality of life, and reducing costs.
  6. To optimise implementation of the Resource Kit in DCT routine practice.