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  1. Brave teen who opened up about mental health struggles found dead after being 'fobbed off by doctor'
    A troubled teenager who opened up about his mental health struggles online has been found dead. Rory McKelvie bravely shared his battle on social media in the weeks leading up to his death and urged those suffering to talk to friends and loved ones.
  2. Travel concerns for Angus patients if mental health services are moved
    Increased travel costs have emerged as one of the biggest concerns surrounding the proposed removal of mental health services in Angus. Meanwhile, the recent consultation survey by health chiefs reveals that more than half taking part do not feel the needs ...
  3. Iain Lee real 'King of the Jungle' for opening up about mental health issues on I'm A Celebrity
    What a joy it was to spend time in his company. And how refreshing to see a grown man in his 40s talk so openly and freely about his mental health. I’ve always been a believer in the power of TV to change people’s attitudes or to enlighten the masses.
  4. Festivities When Living In Poverty And Mental Health Concerns
    And sadly is not for many families across the UK right now either. Christmas time on many occasions ... To me it began to be a pattern of mental anguish not only in my own house and head, but in the psychiatric wards I was in. They would fill up during ...
  5. This Is Why Your Mental Health Can Get Worse Around Christmas
    So HuffPost UK spoke to experts who specialise in anxiety, depression, and more general mental health to ask why these things can be triggered at this time of year. It’s no surprise that many people worry about being able to afford all the extra expenses ...
  6. 'Safe space' aims to help people having mental health crisis
    Image caption Police and crime commissioner John Campion said officers could not be expected to be mental health professionals People having a mental health crisis who are held by West Mercia Police could now be taken to a "safe space" instead of a cell.
  7. Students should declare mental health problems on applications, Universities UK wellbeing chief says
    Students should declare their mental health problems on their applications, the Universities UK lead on wellbeing has said. Universities will be better able to support students if they have a full understanding of their needs, according to Professor Steve ...
  8. Mental health: Jeremy Hunt says the NHS needs to 'be better' at dealing with crisis patients
    The pledges mean, by 2020-21, an extra £1.28bn more should be spent in on mental health care real terms than was in 2015-16. However, despite £140bn being spent on health care across the UK last year - analysis by King's Fund health think tank suggested ...