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New arts and mental health co-ordinator


A new arts and mental health co-ordinator lead and deputy have been appointed by the Institute of Mental Health following news of Dr Victoria Tischler's forthcoming departure to a new post at the University of the Arts-London College of Fashion. Associate professor Dr Gary Winship (above left) will take over the role with research fellow Elvira Perez (above right) as deputy.

Gary said: "I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with Elvira to carry forward and sustain the arts-facing work for IMH that Victoria Tischler has been doing. Victoria has done a fantastic job - through curating exhibitions, to writing and delivering public lectures, organising films, liaising with stakeholders, artists, practitioners and service users, she has positioned art as a consciousness-raising essential ingredient in the life of IMH and the field of mental health. I would say that the Art & Asylum exhibition was a tour-de-force, and one of the most memorable exhibitions I have ever attended, and perhaps the most important. Victoria has left a real legacy including a 'six-tonne baby' (the House of Gordian Knot sculpture) and she will be sorely missed."

Elvira added: "I am looking forward to continue supporting the important curator role that Victoria Tischler has done at the IMH and work closely with Gary Winship to keep the high standards that Victoria has reached. What I have seen displayed on the walls of the Institute has kept me thinking about how artistic experiences and impressions can help further comprehend the complexity, fragility and resilience of our mysterious minds. Hopefully, Gary and I will do a bit more of the same."

Victoria said: "I am delighted Gary and Elvira are picking up the challenge and hope the IMH continues to support these important activities in future which provide pleasure and interest for staff and visitors, opportunities for service users to get involved, and link closely to the Centre for Social Futures and a variety of income generating research programmes."