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New artwork at the Institute


A stunning new artwork has been installed in the reception area of the Institute of Mental Health. The new painting above the reception desk is a beautiful large scale work painted by a Nottinghamshire Healthcare patient.

This oil painting was inspired by William Wordsworth's poem 'Daffodils' which begins with the line "I wandered lonely as a cloud". As someone who suffers with mental illness, the artist knows just how lonely the journey through illness, towards recovery, can be. If one reads the poem 'Daffodils' in the context of mental health, the artist believes it will resonate with many people who have also suffered with mental health issues.

The painting is a reflection of the ground, in the sky. This reflective impression represents the reflection needed to overcome some of the psychological obstacles that block the way to recovery, expressed so well by Wordsworth.

So why are there two clouds? Following a long, lonely, and tortuous path through symptoms of mental illness and being detained for a prolonged period under Section, the artist came across a mental health team on the Continuing Care ward of Wathwood Hospital and no longer felt alone and lonely. This painting is the artist's way of saying "thank you".

Technically, the painting was completed using only ink rollers to apply the oil paint, layer upon layer, week after week, for four months.

Upon close inspection one can appreciate the multitude of colours which make up the painting, in essence it's DNA; this represents just how 'colourful' the makeup of those people with mental health issues can be. Even on a cloudy day, the sun shines – it's just that it can't be seen. In the painting the yellow of the Sun represents the Daffodils, swaying in Wordsworth's sea of green grass.