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Edward Adamson Festival 2014

IMH arts co-ordinator Victoria Tischler features in a fascinating short video examing the life and work of Edward Adamson (1911-1996), a visionary pioneer of art as therapy, and creator of the Adamson Collection.

Throughout Spring 2014, The Edward Adamson Festival will run in London to celebrate thirty years since the publication of Adamson's book, 'Art of Healing' (1984). The Adamson Festival is the first major survey of Adamson's work since his death, and will explore Adamson's approach and practice of using art and creativity to enable people's recovery and healing. Through the Adamson Festival the organisers are seeking to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health, by showing many wonderful art objects created by those who were excluded in the asylums.

You can see the video, featuring Victoria Tischler, below.

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