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Recovery exhibition

From Januray 2014 we are exhibiting Recovery, the sixth exhibition at the Institute of Mental Health, in partnership with City Arts.

The theme of the exhibition explores ideas around recovery from mental health problems. The concept of recovery is now central to policy and practice in the field of mental health care, but what does it mean to those experiencing mental illness? The exhibition responds to questions such as; what helps and what hinders recovery? Is it a useful concept?

As judged at the IMH Foundation Anniversary Celebration event in November 2013, Mark Lindsay's My psychiatrist's answer to everything won the Highly Commended award, with Mary Cecilia's Winter companion, Alex Cooke's Amilsulpride Orangutans and Barrington Emurd Augustus' Coming out - road to recovery all Commended.

Below are some images form the exhibition:

Lucy Sparrow: Portrait of a young girl suffering from anorexia with a naso-gastro feeding tube inserted into her nose

Recovery Exhibition 1

Barrington Emurd Augustus: Coming out - road to recovery

Recovery Exhibition 2

Carrie Ravenscroft: What's On Your Mind

Recovery Exhibition 4