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One in four people will develop a mental health problem at some point during their lives.  Mental distress can range from mild depression or anxiety to conditions such as bipolar disorder (manic depression) or schizophrenia where individuals may experience psychosis.

The Institute of Mental Health was launched in 2006 to help transform our understanding and treatment of mental illness.  We are a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham and we are one of the leading mental health institutes in the UK, offering leadership and innovation backed by world class expertise.

Working in partnership on NIHR portfolio research

Research is vital to service users to ensure quality patient care services, and in these times of austerity it is becoming increasingly important for Trusts to recruit to high quality NIHR portfolio research. The East Midlands and South Yorkshire Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) is here to help.

Our aim is to help both researchers and clinicians in the Trust by assisting with governance procedures, setting up, recruitment and data collection for local and national NIHR portfolio studies. We are currently helping with approximately 80 studies in mental health and learning disabilities. If you are a researcher with a study that has external or NIHR funding, please contact Kaela Stevenson

If you are a clinician, with or without research experience and would be interested in getting involved in research, please contact us to discuss your areas of interest.