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One in four people will develop a mental health problem at some point during their lives.  Mental distress can range from mild depression or anxiety to conditions such as bipolar disorder (manic depression) or schizophrenia where individuals may experience psychosis.

The Institute of Mental Health was launched in 2006 to help transform our understanding and treatment of mental illness.  We are a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham and we are one of the leading mental health institutes in the UK, offering leadership and innovation backed by world class expertise.

Shanghai Mental Health Centre - Exchange Fellowship

The aim of this fellowship is to develop and sustain joint research between Shanghai Mental Health Centre (SMHC) and the Institute of Mental Health. Individuals can use it to undertake research on their own using the SMHC’s networks or to work with colleagues in China. The ultimate aim is to generate joint publications and to win joint research grants. 


A high-level seminar involving members of the Shanghai Mental Health Centre (SMHC) and the Institute of Mental Health was held in Shanghai in October, 2008. This has been followed by visits of several SMHC colleagues to Nottingham.

Nottingham colleagues run several annual training programmes in systematic reviewing in Shanghai. Through their visits, Shanghai colleagues can find out more about opportunities in Nottingham, both to do systematic reviews and to undertake primary and secondary research.


SMHC offers financial assistance to IMH research (PhD) students and postdoctoral researchers of all ages to enable them to visit Shanghai, China for a period of up to three months. The SMHC offers an incomparable academic base for visiting researchers in mental health.

A general condition of this assistance is that it should promote and consolidate the IMH-SMHC connection. More specifically, it should be directed at projects that build on our respective research strengths and utilise the opportunity for trans-national research which they provide. Each applicant will be affiliated to one of the research sections:

Basic and clinical research of anxiety disorder and psychotherapy – Professor Zeping Xiao
Basic and clinical research of drug dependence – Professor Min Zhao
Basic and clinical research of schizophrenia – Professor Yifeng Xu & Jijun Wang
Basic and clinical research of mood disorder – Professor Yiru Fang
Geriatric Psychiatry – Professor Shifu Xiao
Forensic Psychiatry – Professor Bie Xie
Clinical Trials – Professor Huafang Li
Public Mental Health – Professor Yanling He, Bie Xie
Evidence-based Psychiatry & Clinical investigation - Professor Chunbo Li


All applications will be assessed by a panel of academics of SMHC.

Our commitment to Exchange Fellows

For each successful applicant, SMHC undertakes to provide a desk and computer in the Institute and access to the Institute’s staff and resources, including the library of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We will appoint an academic mentor from a suitable background and make the Fellow an honorary fellow of the SMHC. If required, we will offer advice on renting suitable accommodation near the Institute. A stipend of RMB 15,000 per person will be payable, which could cover accommodation and local transportation.


To apply please see the below application guidelines and application form.

-         altApplication Guidelines [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 25 KB]

-         altApplication Form [Word Document - 361.5 KB]