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One in four people will develop a mental health problem at some point during their lives.  Mental distress can range from mild depression or anxiety to conditions such as bipolar disorder (manic depression) or schizophrenia where individuals may experience psychosis.

The Institute of Mental Health was launched in 2006 to help transform our understanding and treatment of mental illness.  We are a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham and we are one of the leading mental health institutes in the UK, offering leadership and innovation backed by world class expertise.

BIGSPD 2012 presentations

Presentations from the 12th annual conference of the British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder, held at the Palace Hotel in Manchester, 21-23 March 2012.

altAlicial Quaini-Citoler and Ulises Diego Ayala - REMA - A novel technique to elicit variations in human behaviour and PD [PowerPoint Presentation - 1.05 MB]

altChris Beeley - Developing an algorithmic model of self harm management in enhanced medium security services for women [PowerPoint Presentation - 558.5 KB]

altGillian Rayner- Interpersonal issues and self-injury research [PowerPoint Presentation - 942.5 KB]

altJessica Yakely and Heather Wood - Paraphilias and PD [PowerPoint 2007 Presentation - 784.43 KB]

altJon Carey and Memtaz Begum - A new model for delivery of forensic community mental health services [PowerPoint Presentation - 2.29 MB]

altMichael Baliousis - Using the CANTAB to investigate newropsychological deficits in antisocial PD [PowerPoint Presentation - 594 KB]

altMonika Marszal - Psychotic borderline and neurotic personality organisation - fact or artefact [PowerPoint 2007 Presentation - 126.56 KB]

altNeil Gordon - KUF Symposium [PowerPoint 2007 Presentation - 3.35 MB]

altPlenary Speaker - Professor Anthony Bateman [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 4.73 MB]

altPlenary Speaker - Professor Sue Bailey [PowerPoint Presentation - 1.2 MB]

altStephen Kellett - Assessing and treating PPD and CAT [PowerPoint Presentation - 1.99 MB]

altSymposium - Developments on day therapeutic commmunities 'service user role' [PowerPoint Presentation - 119 KB]

altSymposium - Developements in day therapeutic communites 'The Network' [PowerPoint Presentation - 153.5 KB]

altSymposium - Developments in day therapeutic communities 'Overview' [PowerPoint Presentation - 251 KB]

altSymposium - Developments in day therapeutic communtities 'One day a week' [PowerPoint Presentation - 244.5 KB]

altDave Atkinson - Self Harm and Relationship Difficulties Support [PowerPoint Presentation - 513.5 KB]

altSymposium - Managed clinical networks - Emma Turner - 'Housing Resettlement' [PowerPoint 2007 Presentation - 217.72 KB]

altSymposium - Managed clinical networks - Jamie Scott - 'Crisis management' [PowerPoint 2007 Presentation - 84.21 KB]

altSymposium - What difference does it make - Eddie Kane - 'A tale of two cities' [PowerPoint Presentation - 1010.5 KB]

altSymposium- Managed clinical networks - Justine Raynsford - 'Pharmacist Prescriber' [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 292.11 KB]

altSymposium - Cassel Hospital - Julia Blazdell [PowerPoint Presentation - 510.5 KB]

altEmma Hickey, Mie Wall and John Chiocchi - Involved Recovery [PowerPoint Presentation - 1.93 MB]