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One in four people will develop a mental health problem at some point during their lives.  Mental distress can range from mild depression or anxiety to conditions such as bipolar disorder (manic depression) or schizophrenia where individuals may experience psychosis.

The Institute of Mental Health was launched in 2006 to help transform our understanding and treatment of mental illness.  We are a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham and we are one of the leading mental health institutes in the UK, offering leadership and innovation backed by world class expertise.

Managed Innovation Networks

Managed Innovation Networks (MINs) exist to 'bridge the gap between research and practice'. MINs provide opportunities to create new, imaginative and cross cutting collaborations between clinicians, researchers and the wider user community. Click here for more information.

Please note: we are open for applications for MIN funding for the new financial year, 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.